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Stay dry on those hot summer days with the Skipper Seat. This Absorbent machine washable, microfiber cover is specifically designed for the captains chair of your pontoon boat. It won’t slide off or blow away, thanks to its elastic buckle. Slide the Skipper Seat in seconds and enjoy your day on the water!

Durable Material
Salt & Fresh Water Ready
Machine Washable
Speed Ready


Seat Cover

Customer Reviews

5.00 out of 5

13 reviews American Pride

  1. P. Sharp

    Best new boating accessory in years! Lightweight and breathable and dries in a flash. No more back burns.

  2. S. Long

    Before the Skipper Seat I would try to tie a towel on my boat seat to make it more comfortable but the towel never stayed in place no matter what I did. It would always ride down the back of the seat and get bunched up or fall off and start flapping in the breeze. The skipper seat cover stays in place very well. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a pontoon boat.

  3. C. Norman

    Whenever we go boating, it seems like the vinyl is always either too hot or too cold. I remember having to dip water out of the lake and put onto my seat to cool it off, then my back would stick to it and feel all slimy. The skipper seat definitely makes it more comfortable. When you get out of the water after a swim and you sit in your captains chair it quickly sucks up all the water from your back and swim suit. I love this seat cover so much. Thanks Skipper Seat!

  4. S. Montgomery

    I gave this to my husband and he loves it, he says he will never go out on the boat again without it! Highly recommend this product.

  5. Frank Moore

    I got the skipper seat as a Father’s Day gift, wow what a game changer. Before my back would always stick to the seat and would be wet and sweaty, not to mention the scorching temperature that boat vinyl can get to on a summer day. This product makes boating on a hot summer day enjoyable!

  6. D. Weaver

    Cool product, why did it take someone so long to make a product like this. Solves a problem for sure. Makes hot days on the Pontoon much more enjoyable.

  7. C. Roberts

    We live on Lake Norman, I love to boat with my family. It was horrible on hot days when my back would sweat and I would stick to the vinyl seats, very uncomfortable. Fantastic product, keeps me dry and it stays in place nicely!!

  8. Kimberly Ashburn

    Perfect match in color to my boat – very quick shipping and excellent customer service. Dual purpose for me, covering a small hole in the seat and keeping it cool from the Florida sun. Love this new cover.

  9. Frank Whipple

    On hot days !! These are amazing!!! Very nice 👍

  10. Heaven Moore

    We love our skipper seat! Not only is it functional but it makes our boat look nicer!

  11. Jimmy

    Great seat covers. Love the 1st one so much ordered a second.

  12. Eric R.

    Found skipper seat on Facebook and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Customer service is top-notch and the American Flag is perfect for my pontoon! High quality product!

  13. Chris Karraker

    I have everyone of these designs and love all of them. I will never get on my pontoon without one again. 💯 satisfied and so much better then just a towel.

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