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Skipper Seat

& why you need one

Have you ever been boating and your back sticks to the hot seat? Isn’t it horrible? The Skipper Seat is an absorbent quick drying microfiber cover that easily fits on the captains chair of most pontoon boats. This cover is quick to put on and will not blow away at high speeds! When you are done boating, just toss it in a cold wash with the other towels from the day.

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Seat Cover

Skipper Seat Family.

Hi, we are Chris and Stephanie from beautiful Lake Norman, North Carolina. We love to spend family time on our boat as much as possible. Are you wondering how the Skipper Seat came about? Let me tell you! Vinyl boat seats are hot and sticky, and my husband would protest all mid-day boat rides in the hot Carolina sun. I would try to wrap a towel around his seat, tuck it, strap it and try anything to keep it in place. No matter what, the towel would always fly off or not stay in place. So, for Father’s Day 2020 I made him the very first Skipper Seat with my sewing machine in our dining room. It has been a long journey of overcoming challenges and modifications to get a cover that would be flexible enough to fit different manufactures captain’s chairs. However, it has been a fun journey that we have taken as a family and are excited for others to enjoy the comfort of the Skipper Seat!

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Customers Reviews

  • Chris Karraker 

    Received my paridise Parrot today. It is awesome thanks skipper seat.
  • Chris Karraker 

    I have everyone of these designs and love all of them. I will never get on my pontoon without one again. 💯 satisfied and so much better then just a towel.
  • Eric R. 

    Found skipper seat on Facebook and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Customer service is top-notch and the American Flag is perfect for my pontoon! High quality product!

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